Lotrivi, Paisley duo connector, Cymbal Fashion elements, pack of 10



Cymbal™ is a unique, imaginative, and groundbreaking metal component line that has been designed to fit and integrate with the most popular bead working beads in the market. Cymbal™ Metal Fashion Elements™ can have one of 4 different functions: BEAD ENDINGS™, SIDE BEADS™, BEAD SUBSTITUTES™, and CONNECTORS. Experienced bead workers will have a fun and exciting time discovering new ways to use Cymbal™ elements. Lotrivi is made to work with paisley duos and is the perfect connector to add elegant to a beaded project. Available in four finishes, they are available in packs of ten pieces.

1) 24K gold plated
2) antique silver plated
3) rose gold plated
4) antique brass plated